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Concept Art: Bound

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For quite a while now when she's not in her heavy armor, Tavlo has been running about in a custom leather getup full of straps and buckles. It just makes her feel... safe and loved.  In-game, she most often wears the Dark Arctic set with some high boots, but it never really matched what I had in mind.  I've been working on some concept art techniques in the meantime, so thought I'd take the opportunity to try to put down what Tavlo looks like in my head.

This is more or less how Tavlo appeared to Suldrae in the Sister, Sister blogs:


Process can be seen Here.  Oddly enough, the drawing and linework were all done in Painter (finally made myself a very nice line-drawing brush!) and the shading, coloring and finishing in Photoshop.  This is very much a "shortcut painting" - done with color adjustment layers on top of a grayscale painting - but it works well for getting a concept out quickly.


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((Love the gear! Very cool. I especially dig the awesome corset and bollero jacket type thing going on. The boots could maybe be more interesting/neat if you made them japanese style with the ninja toe thing going on? Not sure if this is WIP or finished product though. Either way, VERY neat gear Would you ever consider working up a gear concept for another character? Iloam has worn similar crazy-unnecessary-amounts-of-buckles-and-straps leather gear for years, which I describe in text RP, but havent ever thought about designing. I'd love if you were ever interested in a male version? We could do an art trade or something if you wanted?))




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((Funny you should say that. I saw her outfit and was like....ILOAM! Love it! So much amazing ART, my head is gonna explode. I agree with the ear comment, that seems to be a tough thing to nail with elves. Simply splendid.))


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((Thanks! There's actually a lot of other buckles and rings and stuff that escaped my mind while I was drawing, but at the same time I didn't want her wholly ending up like Edward Scissorhands (though that wouldn't be a bad reference!) Thanks for the offer of the art trade, but I've got like a mile-long line of work and projects queued up, and I fear I'd never get to it. I'd be curious to see what you'd come up with, though! ))


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((This looks great! I too love her gear. The eyes came out wonderfully. I love how you do your ears, very jealous. I think my favorite part (which may be odd) is the hilt of the sword or weapon. The twists make my mind wheee.))
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((Thank you! The whole trick to ears is to really learn and understand ear anatomy, and then see how it can be worked into other race's ears. Most of my elf ears are just extended forms of human ears, so they have the same structure, except all stretched out. Since I wasn't using references for this I kind of got stumped on the sword hilt, and I have no idea why I made it twisty like that! I'm glad it looks cool, though! ))


And I wrap my fear around me like a blanket...


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((I like it. Though I wonder if she'll get casting calls from Square Enix for the next Final Fantasy game, with all the buckles...))
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((I love it!!))
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( I love this is ways I cannot properly explain due to a lack of any proper art knowledge myself. Everything just fits, it just all looks 'right'. Her proportions, her stance, the way she holds herself comes through so well. Love, love the details from head to toe, the sword-guard was a nice touch as well. )
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((Thank you. Everything looking "right" is something I've been working on, especially regarding character concepts. If the stance comes through well, then that's a good start. =) ))


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(( This is absolutely wonderful, very cool! The clothes, stance and expression, it all comes together to look very natural. She isn't someone you wanna mess with and it shows! :3 ))
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(( I really, really like this. While the clothing is all fairly similar in tone, it's detailed well enough that it doesn't all blend together and that really speaks to your skill in clothing/color design. I'm also a fan of how you painted her hair and the metal on the hilt of her sword. Great stuff :] ))

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((Thanks! One of the drawbacks of doing color layers on top of a value rendering is that they can all kind of blend together - it's fine for low-contrast concept stuff like this, but not quite the sharpness and drama you'd want in a full painting. But at least it gets the idea across! ))


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(( The stance is what sells this to me. Confident, assured, and yet a level of reassuring competence. No hint of arrogance here. Lovely as always, Tavlo. You should be very proud of yourself!))



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((I love it when people see beyond the lines and colors and read a character into my art - and love it more when it's accurate. Thanks for that observation! ))


And I wrap my fear around me like a blanket...