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Annnnd we're back.  Yes, the site is ugly as heck... we'll be working to fix that.  Consider this a 'live beta' for the site upgrade.

If you notice any bugs or problems, please post them here as a reply so I can track them more easily.

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A Tale of Doubt and Wisdom

"Tell me another story before you go? Please, Father?" The elven child peered up at Luminash as he brushed a lock of crimson hair - just like his mother's - away from his face, a brilliant smile stretching all the way to his curious eyes.

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Stupid girl.


Stupidirresponsible girl. Who didn't know what she was fucking doing.




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Call of the Elements, Part Three

The water cascaded down the falls, roaring as it reached the bottom kicking up a fine mist. Some distance away the pandaren buildings that made up the Greenstone Mason’s quarter resided. The buildings mostly obscured by the trees of the forest, just as the churning of the falls deafened the hammers and chisels of the work in the quarter.

Nirahsa stepped along a path leading to the falls her tail twitching in annoyance as she spotted Torgeth ahead. From his posture it was obvious that the Orc was communing with the elements and otherwise distracted at the moment.

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For King and Country, Part One

Thirteen years ago

Rand Venner scowled over the rim of his mug. "Damn it, Marcus," he said, "what is he doing here?"

Marcus Jonathan raised an eyebrow at his old friend, taking a swig of his own drink. "Would you rather the King had stayed in Stormwind Keep, wallowing in his grief?" he asked.

Rand's scowl deepened. "Not Varian," he clarified. "That intelligence officer. Prestor's creature."

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"It's the most dangerous word in any language."

"Hrm?" The master perked at Oghrin suddenly speaking, albeit with a significant slur. Both of them were drowning their sorrows (and anything else in their stomachs) in one of the new Spitfire Brews. Oghrin had taken a liking to it, but there was no pleasure on his face now. The orcs jaw was drawn into a grimace as he glared at a spot on the table.


"Maybe, what?"

"What?" Oghrin's head jerked around, the orc scowling at his teacher, "No, that's the word I was talking about."


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((I got sent a prompt....I'm rather proud of the result, so I'm putting it up here!))



Paw clenched tightly around the coin, little Lai-Ning bounced excitedly on her footpaws.

"Are you sure, Master Ren-Shao? I..I’ve never had one before.."

The scrollkeeper chuckled, kneeling beside the little cub and stroking her head.

"You did very well today, Lai-Ning! You helped clean almost the whole main floor! I think you deserve it…maybe ask your G’ma if you can take it with you to the market next time!"

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A Dwarf and his Gryphon

"That's not right!" Aedroc grumbled in dwarvish, glaring sideways at Beaksy, "App-Lee-Cay-Shun. Not 'Apple-cae-tin'. Trust me, I checked."

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For a few short days Maggot had been herself again. She stared up at the roof of The Dragon's Crotch as she waited for Bones. He had asked her to wait for him there, while he took care of some business.

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Warlords Invading Azeroth, 11-13-14

There is not only the cinematic release, but also a new series of short films called Lords of War. Told by Vindicator Maraad to King Varian, the backstories of the Warlords of Draenor are revealed.

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Luminash's research journal lay open on his desk, a single word written on the top of the page:


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The Fifth Sha: Fear


A warrior must be fearless. It was one of the first lessons Oghrin learned from his blademaster. At any time, a soldier can be asked to charge into the very mouth of Hell, to a point of no return, in the name of his nation and his people. A warrior must not fear death, fire, or pain. And Oghrin didn't. His fear was of something much more common, something that could find you anywhere at anytime. It was something no orc would ever admit to fearing, least of all fear in such a way that made Oghrin tremble and cower as though he were a child.


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Lai-Ning Silverpaw, apprentice mage, couldn’t sleep.

Who could, after today?

It was so quiet out here in Elwynn, after being in Stormwind for so long. Even the winds were quieter as they blew around the cabin…their cabin.

Her birthday present was amazing, the little home hand-built by Gozo.

She had thought nothing could make the day better, and then…

Her fingers brushed against her lips.

…he’d kissed her, as she had sat next to him, gazing out across the view from their deck.

Padding down the hall, she peeked in his room.

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A Letter Home

My Dearest Husband, 

I must send my deepest apologies for my absence from the Townhouse. Often, I find myself thinking of you and our handsome little man, envisioning the long days we've spent together laughing over the most random of topics. What makes Bram think of the questions he asks, I doubt we will ever know.

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Paladin vs Undead


The dead should stay dead.
All that was left of the Forsaken called Shades when she finally stopped channeling the Light.
She had danced upon the fine line between that and revenge. She needed to talk to someone about it.
Alynore had none. She wasn’t sure that was a good thing.

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"Shh…it’s okay…"

Thunder boomed outside, causing the little ones to whimper again.

Lai-Ning couldn’t fault them…many had lost their families in the thunder. Instead, she settled herself comfortably, beckoning them over.

"Come…sit with me. We’ll tell stories, until the storm passes…and then, I will show you some magic."

Most of the cubs scooted over, cuddling up to the little mage.

One, however, stayed back, arms wrapped around his middle. He glared at Lai-Ning.

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Making a mess


She is very pretty, almost angelic in her appearance.

Dressed head to toe in a flowing white robe, her blonde hair tied up in a perfect bun not one strand loose in the light morning breeze.  Alabaster skin without any sign of blemishes on what little flesh she chooses to expose to the elements.

Her brother was damn right about her fetish of cleanliness. She levitated about the garden path, feet never touching the ground to avoid anything which might dirty those robes. 

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The Fourth Sha: Anger

Oghrin Ironrend may have set his mindless violence aside, but that didn't make him any less grouchy or surly. However, it did soften the orc's exterior. He now treated Master Softpaw with a little more quiet respect, but the small actions spoke volumes; Helping to clear up a tea table when the drinks were done, aiding in training with few to no complaints, and taking any task asked of him. But, this Ironrend would only last so long as something deep inside him wasn't provoked, if a beast slumbering in his stomach was allowed to rest in peace. And, it did.

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Happy Anniversary


Darlain looked herself over in the mirror, comparing the look of the golden hoop earrings over the nice glass dangles. She decided that she was feeling a bit sparkly tonight and opted for the glass ones. She went over a checklist in her head. 

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Welcome to your new life

Elza stood and stretched her back before critically studying the glyphs she had spent the last two hours inscribing on the floor. How long had it been since she'd had to use glyphs for a simple summoning? She just couldn't draw the power needed by herself in this new life. Hopefully the ability would return.

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Call of the Elements, Part Two

Nirahsa was seated on the broken ground, patches of grass sticking out of the dirt, trees from the forest nearby some broken and shattered while others still clung to life. A small stream rushed by as the wind followed through the leaves and the Jade Forest glimmered serenely in the areas that hadn’t been devastated when the Jade Statue had been ripped about by the Sha of Doubt.

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The Third Sha: Violence

Oghrin was feeling violent long before he arrived in Kun-Lai. Oghrin was a violent creature at his core. He was born a warrior, raised a warrior, and fully intended to die a warrior, with the corpses of his enemies strewn and mutilated before him. He had missed the most important lesson of being a warrior; That endless battle is not the answer. Discovering what is worth fighting for, is. 


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The Rain


My head was heavy on her shoulder, but her arms continued to move, unfettered by my weight and alive with animation. She bounced slightly on my bench.


"And so Princess Maggie saved Prince Bonesy from the dragon and even made him apologize! Now they're besties! And they lived happily ever after!"


I looked up at her and felt my lips helplessly pull into a grin, "That was a good story, Maggot."


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How should boss fights be handled in character fiction?

Someone recently approached me with some feedback regarding my Sha stories on Ironrend; Don't use the Shas direcly, use something like aspects instead. 

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The Second Sha: Doubt

It was in the moment Oghrin saw an enemy's naked soul that he realized the effect doubt can have.

Doubt wasn't what he first experienced when he came to the Temple of the Jade Serpent-He experienced outrage. For among the Pandaren, beaten and battered, pushing back the squirming and lashing creatures made of the inky Sha-ichor, there stood a draenei. It took all the restraint the orc had not to cleave her head from her shoulders.

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The First Sha: Despair

There was something Oghrin Ironrend had never been good at; Coming to terms with his emotions.

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Back in the Saddle

Getting back into RPing! Hopefully. Anyway, here's an inspirational blog where I'll be putting stuff up for my orcsie. 

Now, to edit this profile...

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As in life, so in death

The table was piled high with the personal items collected from the fight in the Frozen Halls. Flickering torches provided inadequate lighting as the sergeant sorted items to ensure that they were returned to the families of the fallen along with the letters Lady Proudmoore was writing. He lifted a leather bound journal with the name Elzabetha Nez'Bathori etched on the cover, and flipped through the pages. The last entry was hastily written.


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