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RP-Haven 3.0 is up for live Beta Testing


Annnnd we're back.  Yes, the site is ugly as heck... we'll be working to fix that.  Consider this a 'live beta' for the site upgrade.

If you notice any bugs or problems, please post them here as a reply so I can track them more easily.

Known Issues:

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Starting Over


To All Shrouds,

There have been no serial murders in recent months. The worgen killed in Ironforge seems to have been behind it. But it is still Duskwood. 

Effective immediately, the Shrouds will begin patrolling the roads of Duskwood. Offer assistance as needed. Reminder: be professional to the officials there. Schedules will be posted soon. If you can't make a time, arrange with a guild mate to cover. 

There are no plans in the immediate future to reopen the school. 

Braghaman Larethian


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Drinking with Dragons, part 2


The paladin stared at the figure of the gnome sitting next to the hearth. She smiled, seemingly innocent, as she looked up at him. Even if he had not known the truth about Chromie, Bragh could feel something… different about her.

“Commander,” Chromie began. “Can we talk?”

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Drinks with Dragons


Braghaman flew in to Darkshire, a bit tired but still in good humor.  Holding on to the reigns of his charger, he rode into the town square.  Most of the Nightwatch took notice as he arrived, some even nodded in his general direction.  The paladin nodded in kind, ignored those who wished to be ignored, and pulled up to the fountain.  Climbing down from his saddle, he saw the person he had come looking.

"Commander Ebonlocke," Braghaman said, perhaps a little more loudly than he intended.

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A Fateful Lie


(( Hello there! I wanted to put this out there about how Talth and his original wife met. Please let me know if something is not clear, or doesn't make sense, critique welcomed. Questions as well. ))


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My Shame

The sun had disappeared into the west. Its last rays were fading, cast in shades of amber and violet. The long shadows of the canyon walls loomed heavy, and throughout the city people were hurrying to the imagined safety of their homes. The days had grown dark in Orgrimmar. The clank of armour could be heard as the city guard approached. The curfew was in effect.


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After a long absence, a return

Has it only been two months since I returned from the Twisiting Nether?

How long I was gone, I know not. It may have been five years. It may have been fifty.

My return was ... unexpected. I will not discuss why I entered the nether, other than to say I was looking for what was most precious to me. What I found was... not what I had hoped to find.


I will speak of that no further.


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The Reverie of Aveece Nightgazer

((The thoughts of Aveece Nightgazer upon  recent events Small Spoiler ))

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Hallow's End: (7) Evaluations

The scene played out delightfully.

To be perfectly frank, I did have my doubts. There was a moment where I did regret my hasty involvement in eliminating both Plumm and Mortim. I should have been more discreet. Even allowing Mortim time to cause a panic could have elucidated a significant improvement in the emotional tension I was seeking to create. I became too involved in the experiment, and have thus marred the outcome. This is what comes of starting an amateur study so carelessly. 

Old Soldiers and Second Chances

It was almost evening when Harrigan arrived at Shattrath. He started from Auchindoun that morning, figuring the cross-country ride would be good for the elekk that rumbled steadily beneath him. He let Scrap have his head for the most part, which sadly led to exploring every new plant, stream, and defile they passed near. His back regretted his decision and the rest of him was ready to agree.

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(OOC TOPIC) Cross realm/city merger

Alright I've been wondering how this will work


considering on different servers I have had characters who were the same just a different "timeline"


now with the merging of cities and servers its pretty hard to keep that up.


Anyone got any opinion on this or maybe a solution :P


best e.g - on ShC I have Tamaki who's niece is Gabriella. (a baby)


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The Juliet Letters: Part 2


Dearest Montague,

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Hallow's End (6) Suspicions

The room had been lit, even if poorly, by a dozen lamps and a fire dying in the hearth. In an instant the darkness rushed in, smothering the light and what courage remained among the dinner guests. The lamps were snuffed out with a rush of wind, and the burning embers and meagre flames cried out as their life ended.

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Hallow's End (5) Accusations

Plumm was dead. 

The scholarly Sin’dorei lay upon the ground. A glance at his face revealed that his death was indeed an unwelcome shock. The shattered remains of his goblet were strewn about nearby, its contents bubbling maliciously. 

Mus’tar,was the first to act. The orc legionnaire stepped back from the table and flung his goblet away with a threatening growl. The other guests were quick to set aside their own drinks.

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Hallow's End (4) Complications

Footsteps echoed once again in the hall as the servant was joined by a fellow forsaken. The latter cleared his throat upon entering, producing a sound that cemented his audience’s revulsion at his presence. He produced a folded scrap of paper from a waistcoat, which fashion had declared dead long before the wearer had even caught a sniffle of the plague. With an energetic wave of his hand he motioned for the company to take to their respective seats. All eyes were upon him as he nervously shifted to find his voice. 

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Calm Before the Storm


I sat on a hill overlooking Lake Elune'ara. I couldn't shake the feeling that had been growing over the past couple of months. I looked at the orcish blade I had in my hand. A trophy, a vow. The first few days after we brought Garrosh down were some of the most peaceful of my life.

An iron fist crashing down...

Then the dream happened. I woke up from it covered in sweat. The feelings the dream inspired had faded a little after I woke up, but never completely went away. Instead, they had been steadily growing, spiking ever time the dream repeated itself.

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The Siege


(Just thought I'd give Scott's views on what it was like after the front gate of Orgrimmar was broken through, and where he got his new weapon.)


It was finally time for me to get in and fight. Hunting down the orcs along the shore was easy, but there was little I could really do against that giant, metal scorpion outside the gates. Now that it had been destroyed, it was time to move into the city.

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Epilogue: No Rest For The Wicked

It had been weeks since Oghrin had returned to Orgrimmar, and he could already feel how much had changed since he'd left for Pandaria. The traitor Hellscream was missing, Nazgrim was dead, and his neighbors watched him as if he was a stranger. It didn't make for an easy return, but it make for return, which was more than most of the soldiers he shipped out with got at all. 

Though, with some of the looks he was getting, Oghrin wasn't sure he should've come back at all. 

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Two months, they had said

Silvermoon in two more months

I guess I'm ready


I just wonder if...

No. You've come so far, Ada

Don't start to drift now


I guess I'm ready

We have a ways to sail, still

 more than enough time



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The Seveth Sha: Pride

The weeks following the death of Persephaali left Oghrin a quiet, troubled orc. Remorse and bitterness riddles his figure, from both the fate that had befallen her, and the black justice he had carried out. These moments, he reminded himself, were what his father had described as the periods that can either temper a person, making them stronger, or break them beyond the point of being fixed. Oghrin wasn't sure if he was becoming stronger, but his heart did break every time he thought of the late draenei.

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Battle Ball! Westfall Cyclones vs. Agmar's Hammers! (Preseason)


Through the tinny, electric buzz of gnomish and goblin radios and the soft-edged, blurred screens conjured by arcane eyes, came the sound of an eager crowd and, on those screens, the image of Orgrimmar's Battle Ball amphitheatre, with it's jagged silhouette and pillars of smoke, rising from pyres along it's perimeter.

The image faded into another, replaced by the throngs of Horde citizens along the sides of the stone field that had come to watch the game.

The jovial lilt of a loch-born dwarf drowned out the sounds of the anxious crowds.

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Summary of War Crimes

Drogar asked me to do a summary of War Crimes by Christie Golden for our MeddleGoons who hadn't read the novel but wanted to know what was up with the plot for the upcoming 6.0 patch. So I did, and it's kinda long (it's me) and I thought I'd link it here as well for anyone curious. 

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Timeless Abandon


Dream Time

“You don't belong on a battlefield. Go back to your dresses and parties, girl.” He didn't even turn to face her.

“Sergeant Harrigan, I can help out there. Not every fight will be on the battlefield-”

“NO!” He turned on her, his face a mask of rage. She felt blood spatter across her face. It flowed down his arm, falling to an ever-widening pool on the ground. “This is no job for cripples!

She reeled back in shock, bumping into someone behind her. A strong, gentle and comforting hand squeezed her shoulder.

“It's all right, Kaewynn.”


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