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RP-Haven 3.0 is up for live Beta Testing


Annnnd we're back.  Yes, the site is ugly as heck... we'll be working to fix that.  Consider this a 'live beta' for the site upgrade.

If you notice any bugs or problems, please post them here as a reply so I can track them more easily.

Known Issues:

Welcome to your Haven!

Welcome to the Roleplayer's Haven, a website dedicated to the roleplayers of Shadow Council, World of Warcraft!

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When You Suspect a Trap


They stood deep in shadows, hidden among the trees.  The worgen and his robed ally watched from a distance, far enough away from the village to not be noticed.  From the center of Darkshire, they watched as an armored man stepped out of one of the taverns.  His helm closed and his mace smacking against his leg as he walked, he stepped up to a charger draped in gold and burgundies.  The paladin pulled himself up onto the charger and looked around the village.  The two observers could see townsfolk watching as he rode out of town.

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Last Thoughts


They had always told her that life flashed before your eyes when you died, it was certainly the case. She had found refuge in the basement of the old warehouse on the docks, carrying her macabre treasure, in spite of her Rangari training that protested leaving a trail with enemies in pursuit. She was always trained to survive under any circumstances.

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The Juliet Letters


My Dearest Montague,

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"That´s it! Now you are in deep trouble mister!" Tricia´s voice boomed in the whole house.

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While major Pinapple and Dempsy carried Beloric away Jormund excused himself to the major and quickly ran off back to The Gauntlet, with each step the destroyed buildings turned more and more familiar. Memories swarmed the paladin´s brain as he walked through the streets of the ruined city. This was probably the route his father took, after purging the major districts Arthas divided his forces to cover more ground and allowed easy access on the smaller streets. 

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Night leans close and I stumble in.

The wind pushes muddy boots across the ground.

No footsteps shadow me.

There will be no path for you to follow.

But I am here, now-

As if moonlight could shiver skin solid.

And the blinks of stars could move my eyes

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The first novel

I looked over the first few pages of my detective novel out of curiosity to see if it had a strong introduction. Hopefully, it won't be too bad since this is my first actual book and as soon as I get this book out of the way and publish it, I can go back to worrying about my job. Hopefully the Stormwind Guards wont take too much offense in making them look bad and corrupt in such a manner.


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It had been a long while since I'd slept. It had been an even longer while since I've even needed to. But, I enjoyed dreams and nightmares as a fleeting indulgence. A good sleep was always helpful in breaking the monotony of constant consciousness, whether it be some amusing dreamscape conjured by the brighter parts of my mind or some phantasm devised by the darker parts that can't be seen in the day. Dreams were a chance to revel in the atrocities and delights that stayed hidden from the waking world and reality. Dreams were also a chance to think.


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Simple jobs are never simple (55 words)



He offers a chest of pretty coins 

Simple job, in and out kill, but it smells a little 

Target’s routines in writing. 

Wants the hit in scarlet crusade gear 

Payment is more than this job is worth 

What’s life without a little risk. 

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Nirahsa Shock Part Two

I stared back at the other me for a moment dumbfounded, and she just waited patiently for me to find my voice again, I swallowed hard looking back at her smiling face. Trying to make sense of it all especially with how this didn’t feel like a dream at all.

“T-talk? Why? Who are you?” I stammered out before drawing in a breath.

She only continued to smile tilting her head to the side.

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Nirahsa Shock Part One

Nirahsa paced around her workshop hooves clopping with her feverish pace. Fingers tapping along her chin even as the draenei’s tendrils quivered in a non-existent breeze. Not noticing anything else going on around her as her thoughts focused on the earlier conversation she’d had with Henii.

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((From a Tumblr prompt a couple weeks ago; I think Haven was down when I meant to cross-post it. Was going over Nore's posts for inspiration--s'what the tumblrs are for right?--and found it again.))

Nore’s blade just managed to stop a hair’s breadth from the brigand’s neck. The youth was cringing against the wagon wheel—he couldn’t have been more than sixteen.

"Why?" she demanded, sword still less than an inch from his flesh.

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Summer Storm

Family legend dictated that the surname “Summerstorm” derived from the ship that had been in the family forever. It was a legend that got passed around between the crew, something that gave them pride. After all, working for a captain with a long lineage on the sea gave the superstitious sailors comfort. Renara Summerstorm was a crafty woman and she took most of her secrets to the grave with her.

Castien knew the important ones. Chiefly that the boat was named after her. His mother was vain. It was made for her, the figurehead carved in her image. They were liars, they were thieves. Being pirates it was part of the job. She was charismatic enough that she could charm anyone into believing what she said. Truthfully, they were named for a much simpler reason: Much like a summer storm, their rage could build in a flash and be terrifyingly destructive until the inflow of whatever it was that had enraged them in the first place was too weak for the outflow to keep up with.

Usually, it took a lot; the right ingredients being carefully arranged at the right time. It was rare that he blew up to the point that the descriptor was true. He wasn’t a particularly angry man.

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A Start


"Can I help?"

Master Krollos looked down. From Arkav’s perspective, he was a tower of blue, shiny with sweat as he pumped the bellows.

"Too small," the smith grunted, tail gently sweeping Ark aside as Krollos clopped back to the anvil.

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She hadn't done a first draft or anything like that. It had been a hasty letter, the tell-tale signs all there in the subtle smudge of ink and the scattered blotches where she’d pressed too hard against the scrap of parchment. 

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Tales of Azeroth 7-2: Gelbin Mekkaatorque (attempt 2)


Hey folks, we only had 2 people who up to Tales last week, so the topic will remain the same and we'll try to do it again. This week's topic will be on Gelbin Mekkatorque at the Hall of Explorer's in Ironforge.

I will be traveling to visit friends, so i'm going to start a little late this time, 7:30 mountain time. Afterwards we'll gather for rp at the stonefire tavern.

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Warlords of Draenor Beta Review 3

Warlords of Draenor Beta Review 3:

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Second Annual Sparring Tournament

This is a quick reminder that the second annual tournament is tomorrow and there is still time to sign up. For more information look at this link:

Edit: This is a few day event depending on how many people sign up. 

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Warlords of Draenor Beta Review 2

Warlords of Draenor Beta Review 2:

Gameplay and UI changes

Aside from the major changes Blizzard has been trumpeting for Warlords, a significant number of smaller changes greatly affects the learning curve and, as a result, has made it simpler to learn and play.

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Warlords of Draenor Beta Review 1

 Warlords of Draenor Beta Review 1

This will be the first in what I hope to be a series of commentaries I plan to do for World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor. I’m planning to review changes to the system requirements (this article), UI and gameplay changes and, finally, Lore and RP implications. The latter will be Horde side as I play Horde exclusively. I’ll let my Alliance colleagues cover A-side.

 System Requirements

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Tales of Azeroth 6-26 Gelbin Mekkatorque


Hey folks, Tales is back this week, and this time, Pinapple Peppercog will be lecturing on Gelbin Mekkatorque, the gnome High Tinker!

As always, Tales will take place at 7 mountain time at the Hall of Explorer's in Ironforge.

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Rusty (55 words)


Palomia frets a bit, but in good nature 

I’ll wear myself practicing. 

Got to keep sharp 

I’ve stepped back from the public eye. 

Still I can feel eyes watching me. 

To see when I get rusty so they can strike 

Can’t let that happen 

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The dig

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Wounded Pride

(( This is a continuation of "The Price of Knowledge," posted previously. Also, very minor spoilers from the 5.1 storyline. ))

Luminash, neural needler in hand, stood over the mogu crouched on the stone floor of the prison chamber deep beneath the Spire. This mogu was the last of those the Sunreavers had been able to acquire from holdouts on Pandaria, and, just as the others before him, this one refused to break under the magister's attentions.

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Farmland Dreamscape

I took several steps forward, feeling my hooves digging into the soft dirt beneath them. I was between two rows of farm plants, tomatoes and corn is what the human’s called them I think. The plants rustling in the light breeze as I walked between the rows enjoying the white clouds and blue sky that shone from above.


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