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RP-Haven 3.0 is up for live Beta Testing


Annnnd we're back.  Yes, the site is ugly as heck... we'll be working to fix that.  Consider this a 'live beta' for the site upgrade.

If you notice any bugs or problems, please post them here as a reply so I can track them more easily.

Known Issues:

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I tried my best to remember all the rules and laws behind time traveling. I remember that my uncle taught me how to go back a few seconds even though everyone else in the universe stayed unaffected by it. But maybe I can get better in time-no pun intended.


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Xillia awoke to the rumbling of thunder echoing against the mostly barren walls, carefully easing her way from Arkav's embrace, not wanting to wake him. He had worked hard to bring them to this point, and deserved some rest. She walked out to the living room, smiling at how empty and full of potential it was.

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Evil Turns on its Own

Ebonlocke followed the road at a trot.  A sword slapping her hip as she moved, the commander of the Night Watch tried to move quickly down the road.  At the outskirts of town, she slowed her pace,  wanting to catch her breath before getting to her destination.  No need to look panicked, she thought to herself.

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Tales of Azeroth: Heroes of the Alliance - Aegwynn


For centuries, the Guardian of Tirisfal protected Azeroth from demonic invasion and manipulation. Perhaps the greatest of the Guardians was Magna Aegwynn. Her prowess kept Azeroth safe for 500 years--and her pride led to its darkest times. Join us in Ironforge's Hall of Explorers at the 7th evening horn on Thursday, April 17th, to learn more about one of the greatest mages to ever walk this world.

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Cookies (55 words)



So many dresses 

So many shoes 

So many different types of teas 

Palomia in her apron baking cookies. 

Settling down…. looks like it won’t be so bad after all. 

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Gift Picture from Kharris

This is a picture of Aelberyn that Kharris drew for me and sent with the Christmas card she sent me :o)  So I just had to color it in and what not, and here it is, for everyone to see.  Again, Kharris drew this, I just colored it in.  Like with crayons, except those crayons were actually ArtRage on my tablet.  THANK YOU FOR THE PICTURE KHARRIS, I heart it <3

ael via kharris

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Tales Of Azeroth 4-10: Rexxar


Hey folks, this week, Darlain Truthhammer will be lecturing on the Moknethal Rexxar, Champion of the Horde. As always, Tales will be at the Hall of Explorers in ironforge at 7pm server (mountain) time. Hope to see you there!

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(( An April Fools' story that I'd put off writing for a while. It's late, but I finished it. I hope you all enjoy it! ))


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Tomorrow, Tomorrow

Rapid drying black ink, made special by the inscriptor down the road, really was a wonder. Her nib glided over the paper making harsh stems and looping tails while ligatures connected each stark letter. Ms. Firebrook, it is my and the tip of the floral etched, tempered steel nib stopped. Expensive fluid bled out in a growing stain at the flourished end of the y. It wasn’t her pleasure to hire this girl. It wasn’t her pleasure to hire anyone. Acelynn didn’t want to.

Her ears slanted back in irritation. Crushing the paper between her hands was only a temporary joy, but the crumpled sheet with the Shadowfire letterhead joined its brethren in the bin beneath her desk. Delicate fingers with pink painted nails dragged another sheet over as she dipped the nib into the inkwell again and started over. Ms. Firebrook, I am writing you to offer you the position of but she stopped again. Assistant to the assistant. That’s what this was. Ms. Elynna Firebrook was being hired to be the assistant to the assistant. It was ridiculous. She was a nice girl, over eager and a little green but definitely malleable. Wiling to learn and go along with all of the systems Ace had put in place herself. Ms. Firebrook wasn’t going to be one to try and rock the boat, the others were too… Haughty. They thought they were the best. In their interviews they had exuded smarm and confidence.

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Shades of Our Past

Shades of Our Past - Hannes Johansson

(Ended up getting inspired to write this while listening to the song.More below the teaser break seems to not be working correctly for me.)

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The Trick Is Coming Home Again

Ollie growled lowly, and felt his step mother smack the back of his head. "I said, hold still."

"You're the one who keeps whacking me."

Eimelia huffed. "Well, these stitches aren't going to go in if you keep fidgeting." She paused in her (admittedly sufficient) needlework on the long gash on the worgen's upper arm. "Wait, are you afraid of needles?"

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The Enemy of My Enemy

The home, more of a hovel really, stood in shadow.  The lone candle sitting on the table in the center of the room did little to to shed light.  In the corner of the room, a gutteral, low growl escaped from a hooded figure.  The only other person in the room, a pale human, turned towards the growl with apprehension in his eyes.

"What's wrong?" Damsed asked.

"He should have appeared by now," the feral voice responded with a hiss.

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Howling in the Valley (1)

"What is it doing?"

"What does it look like it’s doing? It’s just sitting there."

"I can see that."

"Then why did you ask?"

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Tales of Azeroth 4-3: Moira Thaurissan


Hey folks, sorry for not posting this up sooner! Anyway, at 7:00 (mountain) tonight at the Hall of Explorer's. Darlain will be covering the Heroes of the Alliance this week with Moira Thaurissan, leader of the Dark Iron Dwarves.

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Test forum topic, please ignore.

This is a test forum topic.  Feel free to ignore.



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Ask a CDev IV! Lore questions answered!

The new ask a CDev is up, and answering a bunch of lore questions--including some about reproductive matters for dwarves and worgen, Goblin archaeology, Night Elf society's response to DKs and Highborne, the original name of Oshu'gun, and how portals and teleporting work. Transcript below the cut!

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Shadows sweep over the Engineers garage door, dancing as they carry the visitor to the edge of his garage. It was not just the wind that forced them to move. Synnaquin stepped away from the melting darkness, stepping towards the yellowing pools of light.

She wasn't the girl he had once played dolls with.

 She wasn't even the woman that he dragged back from the past into a pact of will.

She was different.

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The Five Stages of Engagement - Stage 4: Depression


 No escape from fate. No consolation.

Even my soothing refuge is denied.

Again I stumble into a situation

Where, for others, I must swallow pride.


Control is false and I am alone.

A lonely little girl; ungrateful and spoiled.

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Winged Waltz (55-word)

Moonlight illuminated two figures in a hidden cobblestone courtyard weaving together in a dance.
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A Brother's Call


((So, Jormund sent me a writing prompt on tumblr ("How did you get in here?") and somehow it tangled up with the plot ideas percolating in my brain the last few weeks.))

The door to her apartment was ajar. Nore frowned and touched the blue button on her bracer, summoning her heavy armor. Wes wasn't in the city so it couldn't be him. As she stalked closer to the door it opened, revealing a semi-familiar face. They stood and blinked at each other for a moment.

“Jeck? How did you get in here?” She demanded.

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Family Matters

((This takes place closer to two months ago, as a sort of follow-up to the "Patron Familias" storyline. It's been a bear to write, but as I have plot ideas that may use this as background, I'm tossing it up here for better or worse.))

Alynore made the climb from the bustle of Lower City to Kamron’s apartment. A group of skinny brown orc youths paused their guttural conversation to watch the human woman as she stopped at the old soldier’s door. She knocked, counting the seconds to an answer.

It took a full minute to get the squeak of the little window, followed by the door opening. “Come in,” Kamron rasped. “Grab us some beer.”

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The Trick Is Seeing What's Under The Skin

Oliver had been in that cell so long, he’d almost forgotten about mirrors.

It was easier than he’d thought. When you’re an animal, you only care about a few things, and you forget anything that doesn’t have anything to do with food or shelter. By the time the potion had finally come to him, he cared for little more than what his next meal would be, and how best to kill the jailor.

He’d forgotten all about mirrors, until he looked into one the next day. 

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Verve - New Painter Tool


Well, I tried to embed these vids for folks, but Haven is not co-operating so...



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So Long Lu, Hello Ollie

Hello, everyone! I'm back!

i hope you all have been doing well. I know this year hasn't had the best start for the community, but I still hope you all are doing well. I'm writing here today to announce two things; The first is, the retirement of Lu Zeitan.

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Into the Void

(( Because...well, just because! I miss the ol' girl. Though $15/month is a bit too much for me right now, especially with her RP dead, and the X-pac being so unbelievably boring at present...but, well, I couldn't help but delve into her madness for just a little while. Its like an old, comfy shoe...miss your faces! ))


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Darkness crept over the valley as it chased the last light of the day, skirting the illumination of Ty's small fire. He sat back onto his bedroll after turning the pheasant and watched its juices run along the meat as it cooked. Avalanche was already dozing from the long day's ride and the little cub was taking the hint as he curled next to her.


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